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About Fervido

Fervido Jewels is a Quebec company that was founded in June 2016 by Juliette Paturel, the owner born and raised in Rimouski. Juliette has been making jewelry from a young age and founded Fervido in a burst of creativity and passion which are today the values at the heart of the company. The boutique is currently exclusively online and offers original collections in addition to a personalized jewelry service.

Oh and, Fervido means “with enthusiasm” in Latin.

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About Our Jewels

Fervido’s jewelry is made in Quebec with imported pieces specially chosen for their quality and style. We take great care in selecting durable materials such as stainless steel as well as silver and 24k gold plating to provide you with jewelry that is both affordable and strong.

We lovingly make and carefully inspect every order before sending it to you to ensure a high quality.

The majority of our customers wear their Fervido jewels underwater and see no change in the quality.

All chains are made of stainless steel and therefore will not tarnish. However, regarding pendants, here is how we suggest you take care of your Fervido jewelry to maintain its original appearance:


As explained in the previous paragraph, many of our customers are very satisfied since their Fervido jewelry remains beautiful under all circumstances.

"Personally, (it's Juliette talking, hello!) I keep all my gold jewelry in the shower because it still looks beautiful. However, if you know that your skin oxidizes very easily, we recommend that you contact us in order to find out which of our jewelry is best suited for you!"

Gold plating is obviously not as strong as pure gold, so the pendant may tarnish over time if your skin oxidizes easily or if you don't take enough good care of it. However, this normal reaction of the jewel is in no way related to the quality of the product. It is therefore recommended to give special care to your jewelry to keep them as long as possible.

That being said, we suggest avoiding chlorine as well as products that are too acidic, which would cause the oxidation of certain pendants.



Silver jewelry is the most resistant! 

Fervido Jewels only sells finished products, that is, complete jewelry. We therefore do not sell jewelry in pieces, pendants alone, or any other component alone. 


Regular order: on average 1 to 5 working days following the order confirmation.

Order including a Carte Blanche jewel: on average 5 to 20 working days following the order confirmation. However, you may be contacted to ask for your permission to extend the production time. These cases are very rare, but they are only used to order one or more specific pieces for you in order to create the best possible jewel according to your description.

Monthly box: You will receive your Monthly box during the month you ordered it. The production delays are not the same as the regular orders, because of the volume of the subscriptions we have. We do always work as hard as possible to ship them the fastest possible. 


We use the services of Canada Post, but we take no responsibility for delays on their part.


3$ : 4 to 10 business days without tracking number.


15$ : 1 to 3 business days with tracking number.


10.99$ (express with tracking) when you only get 1 month

7.99$ (express with tracking) when you subscribe for 3 or 6 months


The price will vary depending on the country.  

If you wish to return or exchange a jewel, please contact us at the following address: fervidojewels@hotmail.com mentioning the order number, the jewel model and the reason why you would like to modify, exchange or return it. You can read our policies for exchanges and returns right here.

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Customization Options

Fervido Jewels offers unique and customizable jewelry.

Each model of necklaces and bracelets  can therefore be adapted according to your preferences regarding length and size.

It’s possible to create sets with several models of different sizes by indicating the desired lengths at the time of purchase.

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Fervido Jewels offers unique and customizable jewelry.

Each model of jewelry (exceptions will be indicated in the description of the models directly on our website) can therefore be personalized as to the choice of chain it will be made of just for you.

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Yes, we do sell rings! Here is the link to see

them: https://fervidojewels.com/collections/rings

If ever you do not already know your ring size, it is possible to measure it at home!

Learn how HERE

Our Monthly Personnalized Box

Our monthly personalized box is a project that Juliette has been working on for a long time and it is finally here!

Each month,  you will receive a box that is completely personalized for you based on your answers to the short quiz completed at purchase. Every box includes a value between 75$ and 120$ worth of jewelry, a secret gift and a handwritten note.

Take the quiz HERE  and than order HERE

Unlock a world of surprises with our exclusive monthly box, packed with goodies worth between 75$ to 120$, plus bonus gifts – all for the incredible price of just 60$ with our one-time purchase option!

But wait, there's more! Dive into a subscription plan and enjoy even greater savings. Your first month is at 50% OFF, a steal at only 30$! After that, it's just 39,95$ per month to keep the excitement coming. Don't miss out on this unbeatable deal – subscribe now and treat yourself every month!

Carte Blanche

The Carte Blanche product is a personalized jewelry creation service.

Using information about your personality, things you love and your personal experiences, we will create a piece of jewelry that is inspired by you and only you. It can also represent a relationship (ex: mother / daughter), an experience (ex: trip), another person (ex: someone you miss), etc.

No matter what you would like to symbolize, Fervido will transform it as a piece of jewelry that only you in the whole world will have.

The Carte Blanche service thus offers you a 100% unique product based on you and which will be a surprise until you receive it.

Because of the complexity of the service and the unicity of the jewelry, all Carte Blanche products are final sale.


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