Meet our Team!

These are the wonderful women behind Fervido


Fervido is a Quebec-based jewelry company founded in June 2016 by Juliette Paturel, a native and raised in Rimouski.

Juliette has been making jewelry since she was 8 years old and founded Fervido with a burst of creativity and passion that are now the core values of the company. She's passionate about making people happy and feel special with jewelry.

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Order clerk

Meet Marie, our meticulous Order Clerk at Fervido. She transforms every order into a personalized experience, infusing each package with Fervido's unique charm. Marie's perfectionism elevate our service, ensuring each customer interaction is marked by warmth and sincerity.

She's the artisan of orders, crafting masterpieces with precision and care.

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Order clerk & customer service and collaborations

Now wearing many hats as well, Juliette joined the team 2 years ago. Everything she does in the company is done with love and care, while being efficient. It is because of her that I can proudly say that we have excellent customer service.

Juliette adds a lot of joy to our work days, which keeps us even more passionate about creating for you.

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Marketing and market development intern

While officially joining us recently, Camille has played a vital role in managing jewelry shipments, overseeing the website, handling newsletters, and coordinating pop-ups.

Her sense of humor and outgoing personality adds an extra layer of enjoyment to our workdays, making the entire team look forward to collaborating and achieving our goals together.

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Pop up manager and marketing coordinator

Meet Rachel, our multitasking pop-up manager! Leading Fervido's pop-up shops across Quebec, she handles everything from boutique management to marketing and even orchestrates photoshoots.

With her creativity, she ensures exceptional customer service, meets sales targets, and thrives in the fast-paced world of temporary retail as the right-hand person to our founder.

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Although we are not looking for a new staff at this time, we are always on the look out for new talent and we keep preciously the CV sent.