Meet our Team!

These are the wonderful women behind Fervido

Social media & digital marketing manager

Alexe has been working with me for over 2 years now. She is the one who made Fervido a team. She has worn many hats in the company for a long time to help me do everything.

She has excelled in all of her roles and now continues to make Fervido shine through her content and marketing strategies while pursuing her other projects.

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Order clerk & customer service and collaborations

Now wearing many hats as well, Juliette joined the team last summer. Everything she does in the company is done with love and care, while being efficient. It is because of her that I can proudly say that we have excellent customer service.

Juliette adds a lot of joy to our work days, which keeps us even more passionate about creating for you.

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Order and production clerk

Dina has officially joined the team recently, but for the past several months, she has been helping us with the production of your jewelry. She is a quick learner and always makes sure to do quality work while remaining organized, which is essential to her job.

Dina has charmed us all with her humor and strong personality behind her shy look. She also contributes to our great team spirit and makes our workdays even more fun!

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Be a part of the Fervido family!

If you want to join our amazing team, please send your your application to

Although we are not looking for a new staff at this time, we are always on the look out for new talent and we keep preciously the CV sent.