Size guide & customization options

Customization Options

Fervido Jewels offers unique and customizable jewelry. Here are the options:

Chain Lengths

Fervido Jewels offers trendy and customizable jewelry. Each model of necklaces, bracelets and anklets can therefore be adapted according to your preferences regarding length and size.

It’s possible to create the sets of your dreams with our jewels by indicating the desired lengths or size. We do suggest to put at least 1.5" or 2" between every necklace, so the charms won't be one on top of the other.

Here is an example of a size chart.

Choice of Chains

Fervido Jewels offers unique and customizable jewelry.

Each model of jewelry (exceptions will be indicated in the description of the models directly on our website) can therefore be personalized as to the choice of chain it will be made of just for you.

How do I know my ring size?


All you need is a piece of string or floss and wrap it around the largest part of your finger tightly. Mark or pinch the part of the string that overlaps and measure with a ruler the length of the string that you are left with.

Use the circumference measurements in the chart below to compare your results and determine your size! 

Take a look at this Youtube tutorial HERE

Carte Blanche Products

The Carte Blanche product is a personalized jewelry creation service. Using information about your personality, things you love and your personal experiences, we will create a piece of jewelry that is inspired by you and only you. It can also represent a relationship (ex: mother / daughter), an experience (ex: trip), another person (ex: someone you miss), etc.

No matter what you would like to symbolize, Fervido will transform it as a piece of jewelry that only you in the whole world will have.

The Carte Blanche service thus offers you a 100% unique product based on you and which will be a surprise until you receive it.

Because of the complexity of the service and the unicity of the jewelry, all Carte Blanche products are final sale.

Monthly Personalized Box

Our monthly personalized box is the first jewelry subscription box in Canada and the first personalized jewelry subscription in North America

Each month,  you will receive a box that is completely personalized for you based on your answers to the short quiz. Every box includes a value between 75$ and 120$ worth of jewelry, a secret gift and a handwritten note.